2011 Publications

Research, 2011

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  • Saurer, E. M., R. M. Flessner, M. E. Buck and D. M. Lynn, "Fabrication of covalently crosslinked and amine-reactive microcapsules by reactive layer-by-layer assembly of azlactone-containing polymer multilayers on sacrificial microparticle templates," Journal of materials chemistry 21(6) 1736-1745 (2011).

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  • Zhu, Y. and P. J. Bertics, "Chemoattractant-induced Signaling via the Ras–ERK and PI3K–Akt networks, along with leukotriene C4 release, is dependent on the tyrosine kinase lyn in IL-5–and IL-3–primed human blood eosinophils," The Journal of Immunology 186(1) 516-526 (2011).