2017 Publications

Research | Facilities-Supported


Research, 2017

  •  Peng, C., T. Turiv, R. Zhang, Y. Guo, S.V. Shiyanovskii, Q.-H. Wei, J. De Pablo and O. Lavrentovich, "Controlling Placement of Nonspherical (boomerang) Colloids in Nematic Cells with Photopatterned Director," Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29(1) 014005 (2017).
  • Manger, L.H., Rowley, M.B., Fu, Y., Foote, A.K., Rea, M.T., Wood, S.L, Jin, S., Wright, J.C. and Goldsmith, R.H., "Global Analysis of Perovskite Photophysics Reveals Importance of Germinate Pathways," The Journal of Chemistry C 121(2):1062-1071 (2017).

Facilities-Supported, 2017

  • Alba-Rubio, A.C., Fierro, J.L.G., León-Reina, L., Mariscal, R., Dumesic, J.A. and M. López Granados, "Oxidation of Furfural in Aqueous H2O2 Catalysed by Titanium Silicalite: Deactivation Processes and Role of Extraframework Ti Oxides," Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 202 269-280 (2017).
  • He, M.-R., Wang, S., Shi, S., Jin, K., Bei, H., Yasuda, K., Matsumura, S., Higashida, K., and Robertson, I.M., "Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Segregation in CrFeCoNi-Based Single-Phase Concentrated Solid Solution Alloys," Acta Materialia 126 182-93 (2017).
  • Zhan, X., P. Zhang, P. M. Voyles, X. Liu, R. Akolkar and F. Ernst, "Effect of Tungsten Alloying on Short-to-medium-range-order Evolution and Crystallization Behavior of Near-eutectic Amorphous Ni-P," Acta Materialia 122 400-411 (2017).


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