MRSEC members collaboratively developed new ideas for research-inspired educational resources during the BREW.

Breakthrough Research and Education Workshop (BREW)

One of the key challenges to developing high-quality content is distilling research breakthroughs into ideas for accessible and engaging educational resources. The annual Breakthrough Research and Education Workshops (BREWs) serve as a platform for UW MRSEC members to channel their excitement for current research findings into ideas for new education efforts. Since 2012, the BREW has generated 19 education/outreach ideas that led to 8 new activities such as the liquid crystal (LC) sensor shown below.

The LC Sensor -

AtomTouch - and

The AtomProbe Model - currently in development

The Crystal Game - currently in development

The How Bacteria Communicate Game - currently in development

The Atom Dance: How Glass is Made - currently in development

Does it Stick? - currently in development

Liquid Crystal Droplets - currently in development


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 A standard marker pen (left) is placed near the LC sensor (middle), which undergoes a dramatic visual change (right) due to the LCs changing orientation in response to the marker's volatile organic solvents.