(2010) Industrial Consortium Growth and Activities

By: Jon McCarthy and Juan de Pablo

Membership in the Consortium has grown from the initial sponsor (2005: the Semiconductor Research Corporation) to 26 companies in 2010.

Collaborative Membership has resulted in great productivity:

1. Sigma Aldrich is the first Collaborative Member. (The first commercial project was produced this fall.)

2. Business representatives and researchers propose criteria used to define new materials

3. New materials are made available to UW researchers where then go to market rapidly as a result of the University/Industry collaboration.

4. Four more projects have begun this year!

Business and research criteria used to define new materials:

1. UW or SA proposes material (composition, purity)

2. SA evaluates material market potential for material via business model

3. Partners decide which developments to pursue

4. SA synthesizes the material and UW evaluates[Image426]