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International Summer Research Program

The Wisconsin MRSEC International Research Experiences Program (IREP) was initiated in fall 2013 to formalize and expand on undergraduate and graduate research-based student exchanges with partner universities. A particular focus of the MRSEC has been directed towards partner institutions in Asia, because these experiences provide students with skills necessary to work in countries that have cultures and languages that are distinct from the US. Partners currently include Zhejiang University in China, Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, City University of Hong Kong, and the National University of Singapore. Since inception, 24 students have participated in these programs.

Listed below are four research-based summer internship opportunities. The Wisconsin MRSEC offers scholarships to be used towards participation in these programs for eligible applicants.

~~~Applications are now closed for the Tokyo Institute of Technology programs for summer 2017.~~~
~~~Applications are now closed for the City University of Hong Kong and National University of Singapore programs for summer 2017.~~~

Outgoing Opportunity Country Partner University
Term(s) Deadline Open
Tokyo Institute of Technology Summer Exchange Research Program (SERP)
Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology Summer 2017 1/2/2017 N
Tokyo Institute of Technology Summer Program 2017 Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology Summer 2017 1/6/2017 N
College of Science and Engineering Summer Exchange Programme China City University of Hong Kong Summer 2017 1/13/2017
Summer Engineering Research Internship for U.S. Students (SERIUS) Singapore National University of Singapore Summer 2017 1/20/2017
Incoming Opportunity Country Partner University
Term(s) Deadline Open
UW-Madison College of Engineering Summer Exchange Research Program (SERP)
USA Tokyo Institute of Technology Summer 2017 2/15/2017 Y

Study abroad (credit-based) programs are also available through the International Engineering Studies & Programs and more broadly through International Academic Programs. An extensive database of research-based and professional internships are available through the International Internship Program. These opportunities are cross-listed in the IIP and IAP databases.

Super Seed


Michael Arnold Headshot

Michael Arnold
248 Materials Sci & Engineering Bldg
1509 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

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Martin Zanni

8305l F Daniels & Jh Mathews Chem Bl
1101 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706



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The “Active nanomembranes and their surfaces” Super Seed project addresses fundamental issues related to understanding and controlling the surface mediated interactions of atomically and molecularly thin nanomembranes (e.g. two-dimensional and ultrathin crystalline materials) with their environment. Fundamental aspects that the Super Seed investigates include understanding how the morphology, topography, chemical patterning, and composition of the surfaces of a nanomembrane synergistically influence its interactions with fluids, molecules, ions, and soft matter. This understanding will enable the realization of nanomembrane materials with new properties and phenomena that will make it possible to advance water purification, sensing, and energy storage applications and to address important questions in electrochemistry, microscopic fluid dynamics, and biophysics.

Research Highlights