University of Wisconsin–Madison

2017 Publications

Research, 2017

  • Boukahil, I., Johnson, P.S., Himpsel, F., Qiao, R., Bandy, J.A., and Hamers, R.J., “Unoccupied Surface State Induced by Ozone and Ammonia on H-Terminated Diamond Electrodes for Photocatalytic Ammonia Synthesis,”Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 35(4):04D102 (2017).
  • Kratochvil, M.J., Yang, T., Blackwell, H.E., and Lynn, D.M., “Nonwoven Polymer Nanofiber Coatings that Inhibit Quorum Sensing in Staphylococcus Aureus: Toward New Nonbactericidal Approaches to Infection Control,”ACS Infectious Diseases Article ASAP:DOI: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.6b00173 (2017).
  • Evans, A.A., Bhaduri, B., Popescu, G., and Levine, A.J., “Geometric Localization of Thermal Fluctuations in Red Blood Cells,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences114(11):2865-2870 (2017).
  • Sadati, M., Ramezani-Dakhel, H., Bu, W., Sevgen, E., Liang, Z., Erol, C., Rahimi, M., Taheri Qazvini, N., Lin, B., Abbott, N.L., Roux, B.T., Schlossman, M.L., and de Pablo, J.J., “Molecular Structure of Canonical Liquid Crystal Interfaces,” Journal of American Chemical Society 139(10):3841-3850 (2017).
  • Kratochvil, M.J., Carter, M.C.D., and Lynn, D.M., “Amine-Reactive Azlactone-Containing Nanofibers for the Immobilization and Patterning of New Functionality on Nanofiber-Based Scaffolds,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9(11):10243-10253 (2017).
  • Gujral, A., Gomez, J., Jiang, J., Huang, C., O’Hara, K.A., Toney, M.F., Chabinyc, M.L., Yu, L., and Ediger, M., “Highly Organized Smectic-Like Packing in Vapor-Deposited Glasses of a Liquid Crystal,” Chemistry of Materials 29(2):849-58 (2017).
  • Kim, H., Choi, J., Lingley, Z., Brodie, M., Sin, Y., Kuech, T.F., Gopalan, P., and Mawst, L.J., “Selective Growth of Strained (In)GaAs Quantum Dots on GaAs Substrates Employing Diblock Copolymer LIthography Nanopatterning,” Journal of Crystal Growth 465:48-54 (2017).
  • Peng, C., T. Turiv, R. Zhang, Y. Guo, S.V. Shiyanovskii, Q.-H. Wei, J. De Pablo and O. Lavrentovich, “Controlling Placement of Nonspherical (boomerang) Colloids in Nematic Cells with Photopatterned Director,” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29(1) 014005 (2017).
  • Manger, L.H., Rowley, M.B., Fu, Y., Foote, A.K., Rea, M.T., Wood, S.L, Jin, S., Wright, J.C. and Goldsmith, R.H., “Global Analysis of Perovskite Photophysics Reveals Importance of Germinate Pathways,” The Journal of Chemistry C 121(2):1062-1071 (2017).
  •  McElhinny, K.M., Huang, P., Joo, Y., Kanimozhi, C., Lakkham, A., Sakurai, K., Evans, P.G., and Gopalan, P., “Optically Reconfigurable Monolayer of Azobenzene-Donor Molecules on Oxide Surfaces,” Langmuir 33(9) 2157-2168 (2017).
  • Arjmand, M., Ke, J., and Szlufarska, I., “Control of Surface Induced Phase Separation in Immiscible Semiconductor Alloy Core-Shell Nanowires,” Computational Materials Science 130:50-55 (2017).
  • Lu,G., Yang, S., Jenness, G.R., Song, Z., Kuech, T.F., and Morgan, D., “Understanding and Reducing Deleterious Defects in Metastable Alloy GaAsBi,” NPG Asia Materials 9: e345 (2017).
  • McDonough, T.J., Zhang, L., Roy, S.S., Kearns, N.M., Arnold, M.S., Zanni, M.T., and Andrew, T.L., “Triplet Excition Dissociation and Electron Extraction in Graphene-Templated Pentacene Observed with Ultrafast Spectroscopy,” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19(6):4809-20 (2017).
  • Mitchell, W.H., and Spagnolie, S.E., “A Generalized Traction Integral Equation for Stokes Flow, with Applications to near-Wall Particle Mobility and Viscous Erosion,” Journal of Computational Physics 333:462-82 (2017).
  • Rahimi, M., Ramezani-Dakhel, H., Zhang, R., Ramirez-Hernandez, A., Abbott, N.L., and de Pablo, J.J., “Segregation of Liquid Crystal Mixtures in Topological Defects,” Nature Communications Article ASAP: DOI TO BE ADDED (2017).
  • Wang, X., E. Bukusoglu and N.L. Abbott, “A Practical Guide to the Preparation of Liquid Crystal-Templated Microparticles,” Chemistry of Materials 29(1) 53-61 (2017).
  • Wang, F., Yu, Y., Yin, X., Tian, P., and Wang, X., “Wafer-Scale Synthesis of Ultrathin CoO Nanosheets with Enhanced Electrochemical Catalytic Properties,” Journal of Materials Chemistry A: in press, (2017).

Facilities-Supported, 2017

  • Agarwal, U.P., Ralph, S.A., Baez, C., Reiner, R.S., and Verrill, S.P., “Effect of Sample Moisture Content on Xrd-Estimated Cellulose Crystallinity Index and Crystallite Size,” Cellulose 24(5):1971-1984 (2017).
  • Alba-Rubio, A.C., Fierro, J.L.G., León-Reina, L., Mariscal, R., Dumesic, J.A. and M. López Granados, “Oxidation of Furfural in Aqueous H2O2 Catalysed by Titanium Silicalite: Deactivation Processes and Role of Extraframework Ti Oxides,” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 202 269-280 (2017).
  • Gerceker, D., Motagamwala, A.H., Rivera-Dones, K.R., Miller, J.B., Huber, G.W., Mavrikakis, M., and Dumesic, J.A., “Methane Conversion to Ethylene and Aromatics on PtSn Catalysts,” ACS Catalysis 7(3):2088-100 (2017).
  • He, M.-R., Wang, S., Shi, S., Jin, K., Bei, H., Yasuda, K., Matsumura, S., Higashida, K., and Robertson, I.M., “Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Segregation in CrFeCoNi-Based Single-Phase Concentrated Solid Solution Alloys,” Acta Materialia 126 182-93 (2017).
  • Zhan, X., P. Zhang, P. M. Voyles, X. Liu, R. Akolkar and F. Ernst, “Effect of Tungsten Alloying on Short-to-medium-range-order Evolution and Crystallization Behavior of Near-eutectic Amorphous Ni-P,” Acta Materialia122 400-411 (2017).
  • Gomez, J., Gujral, A., Huang, C., Bishop, C., Yu, L., and Edigar, M., “Nematic-Like Stable Glasses without Equilibrium Liquid Crystal Phases,” The Journal of Chemical Physics 146(5):054503 (2017).
  • Lado, J.J., Perez-Roa, R.E., Wouters, J.J., Tejedor-Tejedor, M.I., Federspill, C., Ortiz, J.M. and Anderson, M.A., “Removal of Nitrate by Asymmetric Capacitive Deionization,” Separation and Purification Technology 183:145-52 (2017).
  • Laventure, A., Gujral, A., Lebel, O., Pellerin, C., and Ediger, M.D., “Influence of Hydrogen Bonding on the Kinetic Stability of Vapor-Deposited Glasses of Trizaine Derivatives,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B:121(10) 2350-2358 (2017).
  • Lin, Y.-C., Repollet-Pedrosa, M.H., Ferrie, J.J., Petersson, E.J., and Fakraai, Z., “Potential Artifacts in Sample Preparation Methods Used for Imaging Amyloid Oligomers and Protofibrils Due to Surface-Mediated Fibril Formation,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121(12):2534-42 (2017).
  • Morrow, J.D., Vockrodt, J., Klingbeil, K., and Pfefferkorn, F.E., “Predicting Laser Polishing Outcomes at Edge Features,” Journal of Laser Applications 29(1):0117013 (2017).
  • Renner, L.D., Zan, J., Hu, L.I., Martinez, M., Resto, P.J., Siegel, A.C., Torres, C., Hall, S.B., Slezak, T.R., and Nguyen, T.H., “Detection of ESKAPE Bacterial Pathogens at the Point-of-Care Using Isothermal DNA-Based Assays in a Portable, De-Gas Microfluidic Diagnostics Assay Platform,” Applied and Environmental Microbiology 83(4):02449-16 (2017).
  • Laskar, M.R., Jackson, D.H.K., Xu, S., Hamers, R.J., Morgan, D., and Kuech, T.F., “Atomic Layer Deposited MgO: A Lower Overpotential Coating for Li[Ni0.5Mn0.3CO0.2]O2 Cathode,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces9(12):11231-39 (2017).
  • Sadak, O., Sundramoorthy, A.K., and Gunasekaran, S., “Highly Selective Colorimetric and Electrochemical Sensing of Iron (III) Using NIle Red Functionalized Graphene Film,” Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89(Part 1):430-36 (2017).
  • Qi, Z., Wu, X., Ward, D., Prance, J., Kim, D., Gamble, J.K., Mohr, R., Shi, Z., Savage, D., and Lagally, M., “Effects of Change Noise on a Pulse-Gated Singlet-Triplet $ S-T_-$Quibit,” ArXiv preprint arXiv:170106971: in press, (2017).
  • Wang, Y.-C., Lu, L., and Gunasekaran, S., “Biopolymer/Gold Nanoparticles Composite Plasmonic Thermal History Indicator to Monitor Quality and Safety of Perishable Bioproducts,” Biosensors and Bioelectronics92:109-116 (2017).