2018 Facilities Days Open House – Day 1 Agenda

Day 1 Agenda (Download here)

*Please Note: Left column activities will take place at the same time as right column activites, but in different locations. 

*Left column activities: Varsity Hall II, Union South

*Right column activities: Northwoods Room, Union South

*Registration, Breaks and Lunch: Varsity I, Union South

8:00 Registration/Coffee/Breakfast
8:30 Overview (Jerry Hunter, UW-Madison Materials Science Center)
Location: Varsity II

Microscopy Techniques

Location: Northwoods Room


9:00 Scanning Electron Microscopy & EDS (60 min)

Chris Santeufemio, Zeiss

User Applications (15 min)

Eric Kwon, Graduate Student

Katy Jinkins, Graduate Student

Optical Spectroscopy (60 min)

Sergey Mamedov, Horiba Scientific

User Applications (15 min)

Hongseung Yeon, Graduate Student

10:15 Break
10:30 Transmission Electron Microscopy (60 min)

Paul Voyles, UW-Madison Materials Science and Engineering

Cryoelectron Microscopy (30 min)

Desirée Benefield, UW-Madison Biochemistry

User Applications (15 min)

Chenyu Zhang, Graduate Research Assistant

Hong Zhan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Surface Analysis (XPS, Auger, TOF-SIMS) (60 min)

Jerry Hunter, UW-Madison Materials Science Center

Scott Bryan, Physical Electronics

User Applications (15 min)

Vivek Saraswat, Graduate Student

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (30 min)

Philippe Hunault, Horiba Scientific

12:15 Lunch
1:15 Focused Ion Beam (45 min)

Brandon Van Leer, ThermoFisher Scientific

User Applications (15 min)

Kaila Bertsch, Postdoctoral Researcher

Edward Leonard, Graduate Student

X-ray Analysis Methods (XRD, XRR, etc.) (45 min)

Don Savage, UW-Madison Materials Center

User Applications (15 min)

Yajin Chen, Graduate Student

Gabriel Jaffe, Graduate Student

2:15 Atom Probe Tomography (45 min)

Rob Ulfig, Cameca Instruments

User Applications (15 mins)

Sue Babcock, UW-Madison Materials Science and Engineering

Nanoindentation (45 min)

Douglas Stauffer, Bruker

User Applications (15 min)

Guebum Han, Graduate Student

Li He, Scientist

3:00 Break
3:15 Scanned Probe Microscopy (45 min)

Julie Last, UW-Madison Materials Science Center

John Thornton, Bruker

User Applications (15 min)

Chaiyapat Tangpatjaroen, Graduate Student

Le Pham, Graduate Student

Electron Beam Lithography (45 min)

Yong Sun, Elionix

User Applications (15 min)

Jad Salman, Graduate Student

Evan McQuarrie, Postdoctoral Researcher

4:15 Wrap Up (Jerry Hunter, UW-Madison Materials Science Center)
4:30 Tutorials End