2018 Facilities Days Open House – General Info

Who should attend?

Graduate students, faculty and industrial users will increase their knowledge of microscopy and microanalysis analytical methods and their understanding of how these techniques can be applied most effectively to their research and manufacturing questions.

New Format!

This year the facilities day open house event will be a two day learning event. Day 1 will present tutorials on nanoscale fabrication, microscopy and microanalysis techniques available in the College of Engineering shared facilities. Day 2 will provide opportunities to utilize what you learned through hands-on demonstrations of the techniques and instruments.

What you will learn:

  • The best techniques and instrumentation for characterization of your materials
  • Which techniques are best used to solve common issues, such as:

Analysis of hydrated specimens
Analysis of radiation sensitive samples
Chemical bonding
Elemental composition
Grain size, texture and orientation
Interfacial properties
Mechanical properties
Molecular organization of protein complexes
Nanometer scale patterning
Physical dimensions
Surface texture/roughness
Size distribution

  • The fundamentals of each technique (i. e. how they work)
  • How to better understand the data to get the most information from your analysis
  • Strengths and limitations of each technique
  • How multiple techniques fit together to provide comprehensive solutions to your research and manufacturing problems.
  • Hands on demonstrations of the instruments associated with these techniques

Learn how to apply these techniques to your research and development or manufacturing problems, meet the experts and interface with other users.