News Segment Features MRSEC Efforts to Provide the Value of Field Trips Virtually

WMTV in Green County, an NBC affiliate, featured some of MRSEC’s work on its recent news segment, “Schools taking more virtual field trips during COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to the reporting by Sanika Bhargaw, when the pandemic hit, the Discovery Outreach team at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery wanted a virtual way to continue bringing science to students who would typically visit the building on field trips. The segment featured some of the work they are doing to bring virtual field trips to 28 school districts around Wisconsin. Wisconsin MRSEC has developed a lot of materials to bring STEM experiences to students.

The news segment shows Matthew Stilwell, MRSEC’s associate director of education, describing the kits that were mailed to students with simple supplies and instructions on building a generator.

To view the entire news segment follow this link.