MRSEC Graduate Student Gives Two Presentations at IMC20

Huang presenting at IMC20

Shuoyuan Huang, a graduate student in Paul Voyles’ lab, recently attended the 20th International Microscopy Congress in Busan, Korea.  While there, he presented two talks: “Momentum-Resolved Electron Correlation Microscopy Reveals Structure Dependent Dynamics in Metallic Supercooled Liquids” and “High-speed, Low-dose 4D STEM of Orientation Domains in an Anisotropic Molecular Glass.

“Being able to connect with colleagues in the electron microscopy field from all over the world made this a very exciting experience,” said Huang. “I attended symposia with a wide variety of topics, and I got to keep myself updated with the frontmost opinions and ideas within the field from different parts of the world.”

Huang explained that the conversations with others in the field of 4D STEM he had throughout the conference were a highlight of his experience.

“It was a great feeling to learn that other people are having similar challenges in this developing field where very few people are working,” he said. “I gained some insights from him on how to proceed with my experiments and data analysis.”

Beyond the conference, Huang was also able to take in some of the culture and scenery of the country.

“Korea is a beautiful country,” he said.

Funding from the MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award supported Huang’s travel to this international conference.

“This conference helped me connect to researchers from all over the world while giving me great experiences that would have profound influence in both my research and my future career,” he said.