Honored Scholar Travel Award

The University of Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) is soliciting proposals to support travel to materials research and educational conferences. A maximum of $2,500 for domestic travel may be awarded. Larger awards to support collaborative research or international travel will also be considered. Applicants must be affiliated with the Wisconsin MRSEC.


The Wisconsin MRSEC funds travel for graduate students and post-docs to showcase the ongoing materials research of the Center, and to support the professional development and communication skills of its members.


Proposals are requested to support travel of students and postdocs for the purpose of making a presentation (poster or oral) or to pursue research collaboration. Partial financial support from other sources will be viewed favorably.


Proposals should include:

  • A short description of the collaborative research or educational project to be presented or justification for travel (less than half a page)
  • The relationship of the work to be presented to the Center
  • A budget and a brief budget justification
  • A list of MRSEC activities in which you have participated (e.g. meetings, poster sessions, and outreach volunteer activities).

Proposals should be submitted to Kerri Phillips.

Proposals are accepted and reviewed as they are submitted. Please submit proposals at least six (6) weeks prior to planned departure date.

Criteria for Selection

  • Relationship of work to be presented to MRSEC: Work to be presented should reflect an area of active research within the MRSEC.
  • Participation in MRSEC activities: The applicant should have a record of active contribution to MRSEC outreach and other events.
  • Relevance of conference to applicant’s goals: The conference to be attended should further the materials and educational knowledge of the applicant.

Reporting of Outcomes

Recipients of travel awards are required to submit a 1-page summary of their conference experience for posting on the MRSEC website. Additional presentation of their experience may be requested.

More Information

MRSEC support must be acknowledged on presentations or posters. Please direct questions to MRSEC student representatives or Kerri Phillips.

  • Huang presenting at IMC20

    MRSEC Graduate Student Gives Two Presentations at IMC20

    Shuoyuan Huang, a graduate student in Paul Voyles' lab, recently attended the 20th International Microscopy Congress in Busan, Korea.  While there, he presented two talks: “Momentum-Resolved Electron Correlation Microscopy Reveals Structure Dependent Dynamics in Metallic Supercooled Liquids” and “High-speed, Low-dose 4D STEM of Orientation Domains in an Anisotropic Molecular Glass.”

  • Oliveras Santos Goes to ECS with Support from the MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award

    by Stephanie Oliveras Santos, Gopalan Group The MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award defrayed some of the costs for me to attend the 243rd ECS Meeting in Boston, MA. Based on my experience attending the nanocarbons …

  • Graduate Student Returns from MRS Conference with Research Insights as well as Great Experiences

    With the support of funding from the MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award, Shuoyuan Huang traveled to Honolulu Hawaii and presented a talk at the Spring MRS meeting in May, 2022.

  • Roemig Wins Best Poster Award at Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference

    Simon Roemig's poster presenting research resulting from a collaboration between the Wisconsin MRSEC and the Wisconsin-Puerto Rico Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) was presented with the Chung Soo Yoo Best Poster award at the 79th Annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference at Argonne National Laboratory in October 2022.

  • Nominee for Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Presents at ACS Spring 2022

    Jian Sun, A graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering in Professor Padma Gopalan's lab was nominated in the category of Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research under the division of Polymer Chemistry at ACS Spring 2022. As a nominee, Sun presented on the recently published work, “Synthesis of High Etch Contrast Poly(3-hydroxystyrene)-based Triblock Copolymers for Sub-5 nm Features.” Sun's travel to the conference was supported through the MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award.

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