The MRSEC is managed by an executive committee consisting of director, Paul Voyles (IRG 1), Mark Ediger (IRG 1), Paul Evans (IRG 2), J. R. Schmidt (IRG 2), Dane Morgan (Facilities and Data Management), Victor Zavala (Facilities and Data Management), Jerry Hunter (Facilities and Data Management), Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel (Education and Outreach Group), Randall Goldsmith (Superseed), Zongfu Yu (Superseed), Xiujuan Jane Zhang (AMIC), Tesia Janicki (Student Representative), and Vrishank Jambur (Student Representative).

The research is carried out by interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) and the Education and Outreach Group on a rolling horizon basis as well as by smaller Seed groups on a limited-term (2 – 3 year) basis.

IRG 1: “Stability in Glasses: New Materials and New Insights” uses cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques from organic and inorganic glasses to address fundamental problems in glass science through the lens of stability.

IRG 2: “Complex Metal Oxides” focuses on probing the synthesis of oxides, increasing the range of available oxide compositions, and forming unique nanostructures – directions that are each enabled by use of novel transformations from the amorphous to crystalline form.

Education and Outreach Group: Leverages synergies between cutting-edge research in the IRGs to accomplish its educational goals of creating new research-inspired science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) content and creating research-inspired digital educational games. By fully embedding the Education and Outreach Group within the MRSEC, the group is provided the context and expertise necessary to create unique, cutting-edge educational content for the benefit of the wider scientific community and the public.

Facilities and Data Management: Research Facilities supported by the MRSEC are available for use by the national materials science community. The Data Management group works to address the increasingly important integration of computational and data science methods with materials science research and education.

Other Activities: Other activities of the Center include a Seed research program, the UW Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC), and various prizes and small grant opportunities.