The MRSEC is managed by an executive committee consisting of director, Paul Voyles (IRG 1), Izabela Szlufarska (IRG 1), Uwe Bergmann (IRG 2), Jason Kawasaki (IRG 2), Shubhra Pasayat (Facilities and Data Management), Jerry Hunter (Facilities and Data Management), Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel (Education and Outreach Group), Ahna Skop (Education and Outreach Group) Chris Castro (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), and Xiujuan Jane Zhang (AMIC).

The research is carried out by interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) and the Education and Outreach Group on a rolling horizon basis as well as by smaller Seed groups on a limited-term (2 – 3 year) basis.

IRG 1: “Stability in Glasses and Liquids”  works to understand and predict mobility in glasses and supercooled liquids with atomic resolution over timescales of seconds or longer.

IRG 2: “Nonequilibrium Magnetic Phases in Strained Crystalline Membranes” seeks to understand, control and switch between novel phases for promising applications in high-speed, low-power data processing and storage, next-generation telecommunications, and neuromorphic computing.

Education and Outreach Group: Leverages synergies between cutting-edge research in the IRGs to accomplish its educational goals of creating new research-inspired science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) content and creating research-inspired digital educational games. By fully embedding the Education and Outreach Group within the MRSEC, the group is provided the context and expertise necessary to create unique, cutting-edge educational content for the benefit of the wider scientific community and the public.

Facilities: Research Facilities supported by the MRSEC are available for use by the national materials science community.

Other Activities: Other activities of the Center include a Seed research program, the UW Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC), and various prizes and small grant opportunities.