2019 Facilities Days Open House – Presentations

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Jerry Hunter, UW–Madison WCNT

Microscopy Techniques
Room 1106

Scanning Electron Microscopy & EDS

John Kelley, Zeiss

User Applications

Mia Lenling, UW–Madison

Claire Griesbach, UW–Madison

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Paul Voyles, UW–Madison MSE

Cryoelectron Microscopy

Elizabeth Wright, UW–Madison Biochemistry

User Applications

Xuying Liu , UW–Madison

Joseph Kim, UW–Madison

Focused Ion Beam

Jerry Hunter, UW–Madison WCNT

User Applications

Chunchang Shi, UW–Madison

Ben Knipfer, UW–Madison

X-ray Analysis Methods (XRD, XRR, etc.)

Don Savage, UW–Madison, WCNT

User Applications

Nayomi Plaza-Rodriquez, Forest Products Laboratory

Scanned Probe Microscopy

John Thornton, Bruker

User Applications

Sean Foradori, UW–Madison

Chengrong Cao, UW–Madison

Room 1153

Optical Spectroscopy

Nolan Wong, Horiba Instruments

User Applications

Katy Jinkins, UW–Madison

Haridas Kar, UW–Madison

Surface Analysis (XPS and Auger)

John Jacobs, UW–Madison WCNT

User Applications

Mohamed Elbakhshwan, UW–Madison


Julie Morasch, UW–Madison WCNT

User Applications

Vrishank Jambur, UW–Madison

Sachin Muley, UW–Madison

Rheometry and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Greg Kamykowski, TA Instruments

User Applications

Tori Harms, UW–Madison

Jun Li, UW–Madison

Basics of Nanoscale Fabrication

Dan Christensen, UW–Madison WCNT

User Applications

Matthew Dwyer, UW–Madison

Nathan Holman, UW–Madison

Felix Jaeckel, UW–Madison

Wrap Up

Jerry Hunter, UW–Madison WCNT