Current IRG Representatives

By creating a MRSEC student chapter, the Center is maximizing the value of the MRSEC for students and post docs by (i) providing a sense of community in the MRSEC, (ii) providing a mechanism for communication between student members of the MRSEC and the MRSEC executive committee, (iii) promoting social and scientific interactions, and (iv) assisting students on their path to their future careers.

IRG-1 Student Representative: Camille Bishop, graduate student,

Bio: Camille is a 4th year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry working with Professor Mark Ediger. Her research focuses on creating highly ordered glassy materials by vapor depositing liquid crystals. She characterizes the effect of deposition rate on the nanoscale structure of glasses using optical and X-ray methods.

IRG-2 Student Representative: Peng Zuo, postdoc,

Bio: Peng is a postdoc researcher in the MRSEC IRG2 project, supervised by Professor Susan Babcock, Professor Paul Evans and Professor Thomas Kuech. His research focus is mainly on structural study of complex oxide thin films by transmission electron microscopy and compositional analysis by atom probe tomography. By understanding local features down to nano scale, more mechanistic insight into solid phase epitaxy growth of complex oxide thin films will be obtained.