Current IRG Representatives

By creating a MRSEC student chapter, the Center is maximizing the value of the MRSEC for students and post docs by (i) providing a sense of community in the MRSEC, (ii) providing a mechanism for communication between student members of the MRSEC and the MRSEC executive committee, (iii) promoting social and scientific interactions, and (iv) assisting students on their path to their future careers.

Chaiyapat Tangpatjaroen

IRG1: Chaiyapat Tangpatjaroen, graduate student

Bio: Chaiyapat is a 5th year graduate student in the Materials Science program. He is working with Professor Izabela Szlufarska. His research has been focused on nanotribology and mechanical properties of materials. He used atomic force microscopy to demonstrate how relative wear resistance and wear mechanism of materials associated with a contact size.

Yajin Chen

IRG2: Yajin Chen, graduate student

Bio: Yajin is a 5th year graduate student working with Professor Paul Evans in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. She constructed a magnetron sputter deposition system, through which she grows amorphous oxide thin films. Her research has been focused on studying the fundamental phenomena of solid phase epitaxial growth of complex oxide thin films.