Current IRG Representatives

By creating a MRSEC student chapter, the Center is maximizing the value of the MRSEC for students and post docs by (i) providing a sense of community in the MRSEC, (ii) providing a mechanism for communication between student members of the MRSEC and the MRSEC executive committee, (iii) promoting social and scientific interactions, and (iv) assisting students on their path to their future careers.

Kaichen Gu

IRG 1 Student Representative

Kaichen is a first-year postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry working with Professor Mark Ediger. His research focuses on controlling the microstructure of vapor-deposited glassy films. He investigates how deposition conditions affect the film structure across different length scales.

Tesia Janicki

Tesia Janicki

IRG 2 Student Representative
Graduate Student

Tesia is a fifth-year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry working with Professor JR Schmidt. Her research focuses on computational methods for exploring atomic-scale mechanisms of crystal nucleation and growth. She models free energy landscapes of polymorphic materials and complex metal oxides using traditional and enhanced-sampling molecular dynamics.