MRSEC Graduate Student Gives Two Presentations at IMC20

Shuoyuan Huang, a graduate student in Paul Voyles’ lab, recently attended the 20th International Microscopy Congress in Busan, Korea.  While there, he presented two talks: “Momentum-Resolved Electron Correlation Microscopy Reveals Structure Dependent Dynamics in Metallic Supercooled Liquids” and “High-speed, Low-dose 4D STEM of Orientation Domains in an Anisotropic Molecular Glass.”

MRSEC Travel Award Offers Graduate Student a Chance to Network and Share Research at MRS

Samuel Marks, a University of Wisconsin-Madison Materials Science and Engineering graduate student working in Professor Paul Evans’ lab was supported through the MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award to attend the Fall 2021 Materials Research Society (MRS) meeting in Boston. The meeting provided an opportunity to share experimental and computational materials science findings with researchers from around the world.

Poster Showing Control and Tuning of Molecular Organization in Vapor-Deposited Glasses Presented at Gordon Conference by MRSEC Graduate Student

Camille Bishop, a 5th-year graduate student working in Mark Ediger’s group as part of the MRSEC IRG 1, presented her work on liquid crystal-like order in vapor-deposited glasses at the Gordon Conference on Liquid Crystals in New London, NH that took place from July 7th-12th, 2019. The conference brings together researchers in a diverse range of disciplines involving liquid crystal science and technology.